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Five Reasons to Use Baidu for SEM


When it comes to penetrating the Chinese market, many businesses do not understand in-roads. In fact, while many businesses could see success in expanding to China, most are too intimidated by the different landscapes to take the chance. This is a mistake. As one of the world’s fastest growing and most significant economies, China is the perfect place to expand, and the best way to make headway is through a Baidu SEM campaign.


Search engine marketing on Baidu is quickly becoming a reliable and innovative way to reach Chinese consumers. Here are just five reasons why you should consider Baidu SEM in your plans for China.



1. The Market Share


70%. That is the estimated market share that Baidu controls in China. With a population of over one billion, that means that hundreds of millions of people in China choose Baidu for their searches. That is a focused and unprecedented group that you can target with a strategic SEM campaign. 



2. The Number of Users


While Baidu holds 70% of the market share inside China’s borders, the actual number of users extends past. In fact, there are an estimated 700 million users worldwide who rely on Baidu as their primary search engine. So, while Baidu is the search engine of choice inside China, it is also a potent marketing tool for reaching people using it outside of China as well. If your plan means connecting with Chinese citizens around the world, then Baidu can help you gain awareness in a community outside of just China.



3. The Ad Page Hosts


Did you know that over 600 thousand web pages are linked to Baidu’s search engine advertising campaign? That means there are hundreds of thousands of sites where your ad can potentially appear.



4. The Mindset


While western audiences are getting more and more numb to ads and advertising, Chinese markets are actually embracing the medium. In fact, almost half of the Chinese people in one survey said they don’t mind being targeted by daily online ads. They also spend more time on webpages and are not averse to multiple ads. This means that your advertising dollars could go further in China since they are a more receptive audience.



5. The Reach


If all of the above doesn’t convince you, then perhaps this will: Baidu has the largest reach of any medium in China. That means more people are connected to Baidu than any other platform in China. With such a reach, your branding and marketing have a higher potential on Baidu through a stellar Baidu SEM campaign than any other platform.


If you are looking to expand to China, a strategic marketing plan that includes Baidu SEM is one of the most reliable ways to make a name for yourself. Want to learn more? The Plan China conference is one of the only world forums dedicated to marketing and branding in China. At our conference, you can hear from experienced professionals on what works and what doesn’t, for marketing in China.