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Four Benefits of Digital Marketing in China


If your company has any plans on working in China, then digital marketing is going to need to be invested in to be able to give you the best chance of success. Digital marketing is a massive market in China, with several social media platforms being available, and the most popular, such as WeChat & Weibo, have over 300 million active users each month.


While your company may already be doing digital marketing in other places in the world, the Chinese marketplace is going to have different trends, and creating a specific digital marketing plan for China will allow you to better connect to the Chinese consumers to promote your products and services.



Targeted Digital Marketing


Digital marketing campaigns need to be targeted for the regions that they are in, and digital marketing in China is no different. Digital marketing in China has huge advantages over traditional marketing because you can better target consumers that will be interested in the products and services that you are going to be offering them in their marketplace. Traditional marketing in China often includes setting up billboards, newspaper advertisements, flyers, or television ad spots; while they reach a large audience, they also reach a lot of people that are unlikely to have interest in your product, or that may reach an audience outside of where your products or services are (different cities, etc.) By using digital marketing, you can target customers much easier, either through ad placement on search engine result pages that can be targeted down to specific locations, and this can even be merged into traditional marketing through the use of QR codes that direct people to your social media accounts.



Take Advantage of Chinese Trends


Social media trends change very rapidly—much faster than traditional trends did. Through digital marketing, you have a better chance of keeping up with social media trends for your company, and you can better leverage them for marketing your products and services. By jumping on trends, you are going to be more likely to garner the attention of younger consumers, such as those in the Gen Z or Millennial age ranges, and you’ll be able to build up solid relationships with them through your social media. Trends in other markets may not match up with what is happening on Chinese social media since platforms like Weibo are almost exclusively Chinese, so digital marketing specific to China is going to be hugely beneficial to your efforts of expanding to that marketplace successfully.



Native Language Marketing


Nothing is going to kill your chances when pushing into a marketplace in a foreign country more than terrible translations. If you are creating digital marketing specific for China, a big benefit is going to be the fact that you will be investing in native language marketing: you need proper translations for your products and services descriptions, and only native language advertising can ensure that the Chinese people will be able to understand what you offer and that they will be able to fully interact with your company comfortably and without misunderstandings.



Access to Chinese KOLs


Finally, Chinese digital marketing will give you access to China-based Key Opinion Leaders, or KOLs, the Chinese equivalent of influencers. KOLs themselves have large audiences, and they are always looking for sponsorships and opportunities to give away free merchandise or coupon codes that could help their followers and improve their follower numbers. Through digital marketing in China, you can get into contact with any number of KOLs and negotiate a deal with them, giving you the benefit of access to their user base that you can use to jumpstart your own following on social media.


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