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How to Avoid These Five Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes in China


China is home to one of the largest online consumer markets in the world, with a whopping 850 million active online users. For international brands looking to tap into this growing market, there are a number of considerations that must be made before jumping into the Middle Kingdom. Successful social media marketing in China demands an understanding of Chinese digital environments, the nature of the massive audience, and careful planning. Many foreign brands have their sights aimed at the Chinese market, but too often do international companies thwart their own campaigns with common advertising mistakes.



Take Advantage of Multiple Chinese Social Apps


One of the biggest mistakes companies make is focusing all their social media marketing advertising efforts on a single platform. Chinese netizens are incredibly tech-savvy, and most online users are active on a number of platforms each day. Chinese social and ecommerce apps like Weibo, WeChat, and Taobao only scratch the surface of China’s vibrant virtual scene.



Engage with Users


A big mistake foreign companies make when attempting to grow their brand in China is not engaging with online shoppers. Chinese netizens are incredibly active on social apps, and they pay close attention to what brands are going the extra mile to bring in customers. Interactive and captivating advertising will go a long way with the Middle Kingdom crowd.



Localize your Content


Copying and pasting your western marketing strategy into the Chinese marketplace is not likely to win your brand any favours. Good social media marketing in China requires careful consideration, planning, and execution by professionals with experience in the Chinese market.



Avoid Politically Sensitive Topics


An all too common mistake of foreign brands marketing to Chinese audiences is ignorance of politically sensitive issues or characters. It is important that international companies recognize their status as outsiders looking in. To keep out of hot water, social media marketing campaigns should lean away from sensitive topics and keep their focus on advertising.



No One Likes Stereotypes


Foreign brands looking to enter the Chinese market by creating advertisements and messaging that posture Chinese stereotypes as a means to connect with the Middle Kingdom are in for an ill surprise. No one appreciates being a target of stereotyping, and, unfortunately, many western brands have fallen out of favour with Chinese shoppers due to insensitive – and blatantly offensive – advertising. While China certainly has a rich cultural history and traditional symbolism is abound, over-reliance on these stereotypical images and themes is not only tiring, but it also ignores the modernized reality of China.



Growing your Brand in China


Social media marketing provides foreign businesses with a direct line to Chinese netizens, but any international business is hoping to leave its mark on the Middle Kingdom must have a well-thought-out plan. If you want your business to excel in the Chinese market, then you will want to add the Plan China marketing conference to your calendar. Gain insights into Chinese marketing platforms, statistics, and grow your connections with the interactive session designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Contact us for more details.