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Five Checklist Points Before Engaging in Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms are very crowded, and anyone posting in that space is looking for some attention, right? Engaging with others on social media seems easy, but there are so many ways to get it wrong. Taking a bit of time to check your work before leaping in will give better results. Here are five basic points to check before engaging in social media marketing.


1) Check your purpose

Don’t just post anything for attention. You want to be sure that you know the reason why you are sending this post out into the world. Once you know the why check to make sure that the post conveys that reason to the readers. If your post doesn’t have a solid purpose, then rewrite it.


2) Check your voice

Who is your audience? Some of the biggest markets for your social media marketing strategy are not native English speakers, and they may not find the same jokes amusing or the same key points to be of interest. Not all audience members like the same things, want the same things or speak in the same way. Voice is something that is also importantly unique to your brand, and to the customers, you want to appeal to want to feel that you get them.


3) Check your headlines

A really great, attention-grabbing headline matters. It should be short and sweet, but it has to make readers want to click on it. Once they have clicked, the content must be relevant and shareable. Is the headline of this post clear and tailored to your purpose and your audience?


4) Check your visuals

Do you have appropriate characters, emojis, and hashtags? Text can be boring, and too many graphics are distracting. Your visuals have two purposes. They should make the post attractive, and they should make it shareable. Hashtags are important tools but be careful to use them on the side, and not to confuse them with the main idea or the headline, otherwise, your post can get lost in the sheer volume of social media posts on the same topic.


5) Check your performance

The social media post that you are about to put out there needs to have a way to come back to you. You should be mentioning others, crediting where you should, and having a clear way of engaging with the community that will come to you through this post. Tag others and reply thoughtfully to anyone who responds. This is social media, after all, so be social.

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