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How Can Digital Marketing Help You to Build a Strong Brand in China?


Marketing has greatly expanded in the last century. First, it was moving to radio, then it was trying to get the television spotlights, and now it’s all about digital and mobile social media. Digital marketing is all about getting your brand recognized as much as possible through social media, search engine ads, or video ads on streaming platforms. With so many hundreds of millions of people on social media and other digital platforms in China, digital marketing is now a must in order to build up a strong brand. How exactly does digital marketing help build up your brand?


Issues Companies Run into With Digital Marketing on Their Own

Many companies attempt to start in the digital market on their own, and they run into a lot of issues that they could have avoided by consulting with a digital marketing agency, especially when they are moving into a foreign market like China. When trying to sell themselves, whether it is a product or a service, companies often don’t think about what customers actually want to see about their products, so there’s nothing of value in the ads for the customers. As well, customers hate ads in general, so extra engagement is needed beyond just paid advertising.

Companies need to consider digital marketing beyond ads, such as giving some sort of free giveaway or valuable content without expecting anything in return. Creating funny, interesting, or emotional advertising material can also cut through to customers more successfully than just basic stats about a product. A successful digital marketing strategy also needs to include relevant and targeted advertising, rather than just broad strokes. This is particularly important in China because different regions have different ideals, and even different income levels see advertisements differently. China also has more interest in companies that show off the quality of their product, rather than just the price point; in western society, price is value, but China wants to see quality over value.


Helping Your Company Grow Organically

Digital marketing is the key to the organic growth of a company. Companies can throw money at advertising, whether it is ads on search engines, paying for ads on social media, or buying ad space on streaming platforms. If you can establish a good digital marketing strategy that includes sponsorships with key opinion leaders, creating interesting social media content for platforms like Weibo, or engaging with consumers through weChat. Engagement is the best thing for digital marketing, and it will help build a strong brand better than anything else in China.


Executing Your Digital Marketing Strategy in a Strategic Way

The most important part of a digital marketing strategy is deploying it in a strategic way, and not just shooting blindly with various different things. Starting out, a company wants a simple and executable strategy so they have a foundation to build further marketing from. The best way to do this in China, especially as a foreign company, is to hire a digital marketing agency that understands the Chinese marketplace and can get the ball rolling with your digital marketing by leveraging their expertise and experience.

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