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How Can China’s eCommerce Solutions Help Your Business Grow?


You’ve worked hard, spending years of time and money investing in and growing your business, and now your brand is recognized and your domestic clientele is growing by the day. But how about the prospect of going beyond borders? Of opening up your sales to the largest and fastest-growing consumer market in the world: China?

China has a potent and thriving online consumer culture that all the world’s eyes have been watching for years. In 2017 alone, China’s online purchases totaled more than a trillion dollars, and that was up thirty percent above what it was just one year prior, with transactions from 710 million people. There are obviously significant opportunities to explore in this hot market, so what do you need to know about entering China’s eCommerce world to help your business grow? Read on:


Access to a Captive and Receptive Market

Unbeknownst to many casual observers in the West, Chinese e-consumers absolutely love foreign-made products, largely because regulation in the countries of origin for these products means their quality will be higher and their safety will be all but guaranteed. This fact alone should be enough to know that you will already have a leg up when entering the Chinese eCommerce market.

The Chinese e-consumer market is ripe for the plucking right now, and with economic projections of growth around approximately thirty percent per year, there is no shortage of opportunity. This is due in part to rising personal incomes gradually increasing consumer confidence, and as a result, the demand for foreign products by the middle- to upper-class Chinese consumer set is rapidly and steadily rising.


Ease of Access
Despite the seemingly harrowing prospect of trying to negotiate a labyrinth of online retail outlets, distributors, and supply chains, access to the Chinese eCommerce market has never been easier. Getting your brand or product noticed can be done through multiple channels, though it does require some cultural and market savviness.

Popular online retail outlets like Amazon and eBay are easily accessed and popular in China, and they serve as an excellent springboard for getting your business some traction in their online marketplace. Of course, because of restrictions on the internet by the Chinese state, it is highly recommended that you register any relevant internet content on a Chinese search engine because much of Google, Facebook, and YouTube’s accesses are highly restricted.

Popular Chinese-approved search engines include Baidu and 360, and new account registrations and paperwork for these can take up to ten days to process. If your application is approved, your business site can now be accessed within China.


Networking Through Trade Exhibitions

A great opportunity to get not only consumers to get hip to your product, but also recognized distributors and potential business partners, is to attend popular Chinese trade exhibitions. Trade exhibitions are routine conferences where thousands of vendors register a venue to host and sell their product. This will allow you to meet and network with hundreds of clients and potential business partners who will help you spread the word and make your entry into the market easier.


Chinese eCommerce Solutions

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