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Tips for Hiring a Company for Digital Marketing in China


Expanding into China has become a big business. As the world’s fastest-growing economy, China is poised to become a major market for almost anyone. Its citizens, too, are hungry for new products and things from outside of China’s borders, and increasingly more have the money to get them.

If you are like the legions of companies that have decided to tap into the huge potential of expanding into China, then you will need a strategy that works. After all, you are not the only new game in town. You will need to understand what works, what doesn’t, the platforms, and the idiosyncrasies of expanding to China.

Here are a few tips to help you make the move to China successfully, and what you will need to craft a digital marketing strategy that will get the buzz you need.


Understand the Platforms

WeChat. Weibo. Youku. Baidu. If you don’t know these words, then it is time to start studying. China has an internet infrastructure that is entirely its own. There’s almost no Google, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube to speak of. Instead, there are sites dedicated entirely to Chinese content and users. Without understanding how these platforms are the same as similar ones elsewhere, and without knowing how they are different, you cannot do a digital marketing campaign right.


Plan Ahead

Did you know that, in order to become verified on some of China’s largest social media and search platforms, you need to file paperwork with the government of China first? For many companies that try to expand into China alone, this is often a shock, one that comes a little too late and throws off all of their digital marketing.

The truth is that setting up shop in China can take a little bit longer than you may expect because there can sometimes be steps you don’t anticipate. That is why you should always plan some contingency and extra time into your launch.


Don’t Just Use What Worked Elsewhere

When it comes to digital marketing, many companies like to stick with what works when expanding into new territories, often with just a few tweaks. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

The problem with taking this approach when expanding into China is that the market is so different, the audience so completely unique, that heading in with a generic plan ends up falling flat. You will need a new plan if you want to successfully expand into China.


Trust the Experts that Know China

At the rate China’s economy and demands have been growing, understanding how to get into China properly has become an industry unto itself, with entire firms dedicated to focusing on this exact thing. If you want to get into China and do it right, you will need the help of experts.

Plan China crafts incredible digital marketing strategies for businesses looking to expand to China. We have helped dozens of companies take the leap into China and get the attention they need to thrive. Don’t simply try and expand into China without the help of trained experts. Instead, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your move become more successful.