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How to Grow Your Brand with Baidu SEM


While many people are still in disbelief, entering the Chinese market is one of the safest and most surefire ways to expand your business in today’s market. As the world’s fastest-growing economy and home to over one billion potential new customers, China is where many businesses are going to grow and succeed.

Moving your business into China is radically different from going to other places in the world. There are completely different platforms and cultural norms in China that are different from the rest of the world, and that means expanding must be done differently as well. That starts with understanding Baidu.

Baidu is China’s most popular search engine and the most powerful tool for any business looking to grow their brand awareness in China through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). But how does one grow their brand with Baidu SEM? We will walk through a couple of key points to consider when making the move to Baidu.


Tip #1: Don’t think about Google

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. So much so that we call the act of searching something online “googling.” That makes them hard to forget in the world of Search Engine Marketing but it’s important not to simply think of Baidu as “Chinese Google.”

First, Baidu’s algorithm is very different. What is searched and how it’s organized is very different. How people use it, both in searches and in the backend for SEM, is completely different. If you are not sure how it works, that’s okay. There are plenty of resources, including the Plan China Conference, that can help you master Baidu SEM to grow your brand.


Know Chinese (or get someone who does)

Have you ever received an email from a company in broken English and immediately ignored them? This happens in China all the time because companies do not put enough importance on knowing contemporary Chinese in China. Just like other languages, Chinese in China varies, and users can tell non-native speakers right away. If you want to make an impact in China, you have to literally speak the language. That means employing people who know Chinese.


Craft Ads that Stand Out

Unlike Google, Ping, and Yahoo, Baidu paid search results have a lot more flexibility in their looks and visual assets. They can use pictures, for example, and that means your paid ads will need to compete for attention. Keep that in mind when crafting your SEM campaign. Be sure to use striking elements to grab attention, and make sure you tell your brand story right away. It helps with clicks and with setting you apart from the competition.

Plan China is your best chance to learn about the many ways that businesses are growing in China. As the world’s fastest-growing economy, China is the natural place to expand your business. It’s an entirely different ecosystem, however, which is why Plan China exists.

Our Plan China conference will give you insights on China search engine marketing (SEM), social media giants WeChat & Weibo, e-commerce, programmatic advertising, and more. Contact us for more details.