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How Does Baidu SEM Work?


Driving traffic to your websites and social media presences is very important to business today, and search engines are still a very popular method of finding things on the internet, making search engine marketing a key part of any company’s marketing portfolio. When it comes to getting traffic in China, a company that specializes in China SEM in London will tell you that Baidu SEM is the way to go in order to improve your business, but how does Baidu SEM work exactly?


What is Baidu Search Engine Marketing?

Baidu SEM, also known as Baidu PPC, or Baidu AdWords, is a pay-per-click advertising system where companies and individuals can pay and place bids on keywords to have an advertisement for their company placed on search engine results pages for any person searching for those keywords to find. That’s the basic purpose of China SEM in London.


How to Begin Your Baidu SEM Journey

Account Registration.

The first step that you must do for China SEM in London via Baidu SEM is to set up a Baidu SEM account. Baidu SEM account registration is a fairly lengthy process, especially if your company is based outside of China; there are many regulatory hurdles that must be overcome, making it important for your company to get outside help often. Baidu SEM requires you to register as a company and submit many legal documents to verify the business and ownership of your domain, as well as pay submission fees. The validation period for a Baidu SEM account can range from 2 to 6 months, so be prepared.


Types of Ads

Baidu SEM, like that found with China SEM in London, includes a wide range of advertising options, from display ads to text ads, and from search ads to information ads. For advertising products offered to specific customers, Brand Zone and Baidu Zhidao are available.


Displaying of Ads

Advertising is more trusted within the Chinese marketplace, so it is more difficult to differentiate sponsored ads and organic results, meaning China SEM in London bidding has more value for your business when it comes to getting click throughs.


Baidu PPC Bidding Process

When it comes to bidding for keywords, and ultimately the position of your ads, there are several factors that are taken into account, such as trust score and quality score, and a specialist in China SEM in London will ensure your company’s marketing practices will set you up with the best odds. Bidding prices are affected by your Baidu quality score, so if you are a highly trustworthy account to Baidu, you’ll get a higher rank with a lower CPC. Your trust score with Baidu SEM starts at 100 and is lowered every time your business promotes a practice that is considered illegal in China using Baidu PPC. Your quality score is determined by having good quality landing pages and ads that entice customers to your business successfully through content relevancy and user experience.


Baidu PPC Structure

Your Baidu PPC account will be split into multiple sections that branch, from campaigns to ad groups, to keyword structures. China SEM in London campaigns are managed at a daily, weekly, and monthly budget, and they include ad groups, user targeting, location targeting, negative keyword lists, etc. Your ad groups will include common sets of keywords and bidding prices. Lastly, there are keywords that are comprised of keys and phrases that can be used to describe your services and products.


Budget in Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC has a very flexible budgeting system for your China SEM in London ad campaigns. You can set up daily budgets for the whole account, or for specific campaigns. You can also use a budget accumulation tool if you don’t want to micromanage to a daily level.


Tracking Performance of Baidu PPC Campaigns?

Baidu PPC has analytical tools built in that allow you to track your campaigns effectively. You can also choose to use Google Analytics, but you will have to set up custom Google URL parameters.

With the increase in the Chinese marketplace in the last decade, it’s important to get yourself into a position to bring in as many to your business website as possible, and China SEM in London through Plan China can help you make your plans.